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(Bekas) Switch 3Com 3CFSU08 8port 10/100mbps

(Bekas) Switch 3Com 3CFSU08 8port 10/100mbps
Kategori Barang Bekas, Networking & Communications
Kode3Com 3CFSU08 Bekas
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Switch 3Com 3CFSU08 8port 10/100mbps
Kondisi : Bekas, normal, ada dus lengkap

(Bekas) Switch 3Com 3CFSU08 8port 10/100mbps Compact, Streamlined, Affordable Switching for Small Offices.
The 3Com Switch 8 is designed for small offices and remote branch offices requiring high network performance to exchange large data files and images, and access real-time information. Featuring an internal power supply, autosensing and auto MDI/MDIX on all ports, the Switch 8 is delivered in a futuristic, compact and streamlined enclosure. With a high quality dark gun metal grey look these switches exude quality, the 3Com logos “light up” on power up and they feature illuminating blue LEDs.

Switch 3Com 3CFSU08 8port 10/100mbps

The 3Com Switch 8 automatically finds the fastest connection speed, the autosensing 10/100 ports automatically adjust to the speed of network devices communicating at 100 or 10 Mbps, so the switch can accommodate a range of workgroup applications. All that is needed is to connect the power and Ethernet cables.

Switch 3Com 3CFSU08 8port 10/100mbps

There is no software to configure. Easy to set up these switches feature a fan-less design which provides silent operation. With a choice of 8 ports you can expand your network by adding more computers or devices with speeds up to 200 Mbps per port in full-duplex mode.

For the most cost conscious, the 3Com Switch 8 offers high-speed, high-quality, reliable, affordable networking with a style that will accommodate any office environment and is backed by an outstanding 2-year warranty.

Switch 3Com 3CFSU08 8port 10/100mbps

Product Specification

Product Highlights

  • Auto-speed sensing 10/100 Mbps connectivity.
    – Enables connection at 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps, ensuring optimum throughput for bandwidth intensive applications and compatibility with legacy equipment.
  • Full-duplex support of your network.
    – Allows full, two-way data transfer, doubling the effective bandwidth.
  • FCC Class B certified.
    – Certified for home and office use (more stringent than Class A certification).
  • Auto MDI/MDIX on every port.
    – Eliminates most common cabling problems, whether the port is connected to a server, PC, another switch or hub.
  • Front panel LEDs.
    – Provides immediate notification of network use without requiring special technical knowledge.
  • Operating system independence.
    – Supports maximum integration of different operating systems within a network-no extra configuration of the network is required.
  • Plug-and-Play convenience.
    – For hassle-free installation, simple setup, no complicated configuration is required.
  • Silent operation.
    – No-fan design ensures there is no noise disturbance from the switches.
  • 2-Year limited warranty.
    – Provides the on-going warranty support that businesses need.

Switch 3Com 3CFSU08 8port 10/100mbps

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